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Saints Gift Collection

Saints Gift Collection St. Jude LED Candle | Beautiful Religious Catholic Devotional LED Flameless Prayer Candle

Saints Gift Collection St. Jude LED Candle | Beautiful Religious Catho


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  • St. Jude is traditionally depicted holding an image of the face of Jesus, recalling one of the miracles performed during Jesus’ ministry. Though not recorded in the gospels, tradition has it that King Abagar of Edessa sent a message to Jesus asking to cure him of leprosy. Impressed with Abagar’s great faith, Jesus pressed His face on a cloth, leaving the image of His face impressed on it and gave the cloth to St. Jude, who took it to Abagar and cured him. St Jude is known as the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. The flame around his head represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.
  • The Saints Gift Collection are beautiful religious LED FLAMELESS CANDLES that create holy reminders in the form of family devotional prayer candles with the safety that would make it possible to leave unattended in a hospital, nursing home or a child’s bedroom. With the soft flickering effect of a real flame, these high quality LED flameless candles are a safe alternative to real fire.
  • The tiny but bright long-lasting LED light is powered by only two standard AA batteries (not included). The added feature of an optional 6 hour timer allows for setting an automatic light-up every evening at the same time, lighting up a small area of a darkened room with a soft, comforting, flickering glow.
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