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Singer "Nurses Care" Appreciation Boxed Gift Set-Includes Verse Card, Keychain, and Lapel Pin

Appreciation Gift Box


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This nurse themed appreciation boxed set is a great gift for any nurse you may know to show how thankful you are for their service, especially during the past year. A nurse's work and dedication can never be underestimated. Prepacked and curated by our experts, it includes a verse card with "A Nurse's Prayer", a "Nurses Care" keychain, and a "Nurses Care" lapel pin - all great keepsake items.

"Nurse's Prayer" Reads: "A Nurse's Prayer - Dear Lord, Thou Great healer, may Thy great strength and power flow through me and lend skill to my hands and vision, judgment to my mind, and compassion to my heart. Grant me the strength to minister to my patients in their hour of suggering and travail. And may I faithfully discharge my duties in deep humility, worthy of trust and faith placed in me. Amen."

Product Specifications For This Boxed Set Are As Follows: Verse card measures 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Nurses Care keychain is pewter with an antique finish and measures 1-3/4 inches. Nurses Care lapel pin is enameled with a silver finish and measures 1 inch.