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Singer Women's Men's 1-1/4 Inch Round Sterling Silver Air Force Mizpah Medal with Genesis 31:48-50 Verse on Back with Stainless Steel Rhodium Plated 18",24" Chain, Style Military, Mizpah



Chain Size
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1-1/4 x 1-1/8 inch satin and antique finish sterling silver Mizpah medal with United States Air Force insignia on stainless steel rhodium plated chains. This medal measures 1-1/8 inches in width as a full piece, and each piece measures 11/16 inches in width when separate. The left medal is on a 24 inch chain and the right medal is on an 18 inch chain. Includes an elegant deluxe velour jewelry box.

Traditionally, a Mizpah medal is exchanged as a romantic gesture between couples who are apart. It represents that God is watching over them. A Mizpah medal can also be exchanged between two loved ones.

The back of each medal reads, "May the Lord keep watch between us whenever we are apart." - Genesis 31:48-50.