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Singer Women's 7/8 Inch Sterling Silver Engraved Antique Red Enameled Dove Center Four Way Medal with Stainless Steel Rhodium Plated 18" Chain, Style Dove, Four Way



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7/8 x 5/8 inch satin and antique finish sterling silver engraved red enameled four way medal with a dove in the center of the cross on an 18 inch stainless steel rhodium plated chain. The medal pendant is shaped like a cross with curved ends and has five raised and engraved symbols on the front, including the dove, St. Christopher, the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, and the Miraculous Medal. The dove in the center is surrounded by red enamel - the color red is often associated with the Holy Spirit, which the dove is a symbol of. On the back in a plain brushed finish is an image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on top, followed by the text, "I am a Catholic, Please Call a Priest," which signifies the wearer's wish in case of an emergency. On the bottom is the Miraculous symbol. The Our Lady symbol on the back also makes this medal scapular. Includes an elegant deluxe velour jewelry box.

The Four Way Medal: The Four Way Medal combines four medals that are significant to the Catholic Faith. The Sacred Heart of Jesus shows Jesus pointing to his exposed heart, which is crowned with thorns. This is a reminder of the great sacrifice Jesus made. St. Joseph is shown holding the baby Jesus and a lily. His image represents guardianship and protection, and the lily is a symbol of purity and righteousness. St. Christopher carries the baby Jesus and represents how we must carry the teachings of Jesus with us wherever we go. He also is the patron saint of long journeys. Finally, the Miraculous Medal depicts the Virgin Mary standing on top of the world crushing a snake. This represents the origins of Jesus, his kingship over the world, and how he conquered evil.