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Singer Unisex 2 x 1-1/4 Inch Oval Pewter Our Lady of Fatima Key Chain | Style Fatima | Made in USA | Material Pewter

Key Chains


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2 x 1-1/4 inch oval pewter antiqued finish lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary key chain. Includes Our Lady of Fatima Card (key chain attached).. The front of the key chain depicts the Virgin Mary appearing before three children in Ftima (pronounced Fatima), Portugal in 1917 on the 13th day of six consecutive months on the last day she worked the great miracle of the sun and said the words "I am the Lady of the Rosary." The front of the key chain has the words inscribed "Our Lady of Fatima, 100th Anniversary" and with the years "1917-2017." The back of the key chain has the blessing of our lady of Fatima and the holy trinity symbol inscribed .