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Extel 14k Two-Tone & 2-D Children's Girl On Cross Charm Pendant For Men Women Religious Necklace Size 1 x 0.6 inch

Extel 14k Two-Tone & 2-D Children's Girl On Cross Charm Pendant For Me


Metal Type
Catholic Sacramental/Devotion
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  • Design and Style; This dainty small age appropriate Childrens Cross is a great way to have a child express an outward sign of faith and symbolize the gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. A Cross or Crucifix necklace not only outwardly affirms the wearers faith, but projects its blessings inwardly, for the protection of the soul
  • Material; 14k Two-tone; Gold is a noble metal prized since ancient times for its beauty and purity since it does not oxidize or tarnish like most other metals; Some of the benefits are its durability to stand the test of time, fashionable for years because of its timeless elegance, wears well with other metals and stones and doesn't clash, always appropriate and easily adaptable to any look or style and it's valuable since its made from precious metals and can be passed on for generations
  • Pendant Size; 1 x 0.6 inch
  • Extel Warranty; Extel Jewelry is covered by a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturers defect, we want you to be happy with your purchase, if you have any questions please contact us
  • Made in America; Extel Jewelry is American owned and this pendant is manufactured here in the United States ensuring the highest quality standards