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Hampshire Pewter

Hampshire Pewter 1 Piece Pewter Bath Covered Bridge Pewter Christmas Tree Ornament | Holiday Christmas Decorations

Hampshire Pewter 1 Piece Pewter Bath Covered Bridge Pewter Christmas T


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  • SEVENTEENTH OF A SERIES of Christmas Ornaments. The Bath bridge is located in the Town of Bath, New Hampshire and spans the Ammonoosuc River. The bridge is 374'6" consisting of four clear spans of 117'6", 66'6", 62'6", and 80'. It has an overall width of 24'6", and a maximum vertical clearance of 11'9". The current structure is the fifth bridge to stand on this site. The first was constructed in 1794 at a cost of $366.66. The first, second, and third bridges were destroyed by floods, while the fourth was destroyed by a fire in late 1830. It appears that the fifth bridge was completed by early 1832 and modified in 1920 by adding some overlapping arches. NH Bridge Number & Historic Facts. New Hampshire Bridge Number 28. When it was first built, the bridge had hewn arches. New overlapping arches were added when the bridge was raised over the railroad in 1920. At one time, there was a sign posted at the bridge which prohibited riding horses across the bridge at a trot. It was believed that the impact of trotting horses could cause the structure to fall apart. Bath Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additional details and specifications: 3" wide x 2 1/2" high Detailed on both sides Includes a ribbon to hang the ornament.. Also includes a romance card that contains a description of the ornament
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