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Hampshire Pewter

Hampshire Pewter 1 Piece Pewter Rowells Covered Bridge Pewter Christmas Tree Ornament | Holiday Christmas Decorations

Hampshire Pewter 1 Piece Pewter Rowells Covered Bridge Pewter Christma


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  • TENTH OF A SERIES of Christmas Ornaments. Rowell's Bridge is located on Route 127 in West Hopkinton off Route 103. The bridge is 164'6" long and is unusual because of the use of the Long truss incorporated with the Burr type arch. It was built in 1853 by Enoch Childs and his brother Warren, who built many bridges in this area. NH Bridge Number & Historic Facts. New Hampshire Bridge Number 9. A short time after it was constructed, a herd of cattle, driven faster than they should have been, moved the bridge off its abutments. The structure was brought back and securely fastened in place. Around 1930, a central pier was placed under the structure to strengthen the bridge, but under heavy loading, the bridge teetered. The top of the pier was removed and the bridge was found to function adequately without it. The Antiquarian Society in Hopkinton has a demonstration model of a Long truss on display. The Rowell's Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additional details and specifications: 3" wide x 2 1/2" high Detailed on both sides Includes a ribbon to hang the ornament.. Also includes a romance card that contains a description of the ornament
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